Rebreather Courses


This training category is designed for divers seeking training in Rebreathers. Rebreather diving goes beyond the domain of recreational diving by exposing divers to, among other things, more equipment demands.


This necessitates additional knowledge, skills, and equipment not found in recreational diving.


These courses are designed to produce a competent and skillful rebreather diver, one who is armed with a sound theoretical understanding of the intricacies of rebreather diving as well as excellent in-water skills.

The SF2 is a complete electronic closed-circuit rebreather engineered and designed in Germany for divers all over the world. 

“Keep it simple!” was the leading mission statement while developing the SF2.


The vision became mission and eventually reality.  This concept is evident at first glance.  The device is shaped very cleanly and simply; and compared to other rebreathers the SF2 is compact and well-arranged. 


This is possible as all the important components are integrated into the carbon fiber tube, resulting in the SF2 requiring significantly less volume.  Industry tests, as well as, various certifications assure a constant level of security while diving. 


The SF2 is particularly suited for ambitious technical dives and is available in both Backmount and Sidemount versions.


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