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Arcipelago Toscano National Park is the largest marine Park in Europe: it safeguards 56,766 hectares of sea and 17,887 hectares of land. It includes the seven main islands of the Archipelago, as well as some minor islands and rocks. Like pearls in a necklace, these islands are different one from the other. Each of them preserves traces of its history, each of them is unique; their only common feature is represented by the beauty of the nature.
Recreational and Technical Dive, Course and Package

Do you want to experience the extreme side of diving that can take you to depths and realms untouched by the majority of the worlds diving population?

If you think you have what it takes to become a technical diver, then Argentario Divers, is the perfect choice for your training.


With a technical team of an in-house Recreational and Technical Instructor, offering programs from open water diver to rebreather, our set-up is guaranteed to provide you with thorough training and comprehensive education necessary for this level of diving.


Where to start? The fact that Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country on the planet? That the food is tantalisingly close to perfection?


That the landscape, from beautiful island beaches to cypress tree-topped hills and soaring mountains, has something for pretty much everyone? Suffice to say this is a country that gives France a run for its money as the perfect all round destination, and as with our Gallic friends, it's all there on our metaphorical doorstep. Lucky us.

Argentario Divers, Resort Padi and UTD is located in Porto Ercole, a charming village dating back to the eleventh century, overlooking the Argentario Mountain.

Porto Ercole is easy to reach from Rome, Florence, Siena, e Perugia.

The Centre is situated in front of the sea. It is open year round.

Address: Lungomare Andrea doria 103

Phone: +39 3391376411  +39 3396913347


Languages spoken: Italian  •  English

Diving agencies: PADI, UTD, UTRtek\CMAS


Courses offered: from Intro Dive to Divemaster, Rebreather, Scooter, Wreck, Cavern and Trimix 


Safety equipment available: O2 medical kit  •  Medical kits on the boats  •  Medical trained staff - VHF


Dive centers services: 

Own boat "Abracadabra" • n°2 Zodiac • Air, Nitrox and Trimix Filling station • Kids friendly  •  Own vehicles  •  Pool for training  •  Combo Lodging with Dives  •  Offer accommodation alone  •  Internet access  • Underwater photography/video • Equipment Storage • Bath & Shower 


Type of tanks provided:

Steel & Alluminium Tank from 3 to double 18 Lts  •  Steel Tank 15 Lts 


Time to go to the nearest dive spot: Less than 10 minutes

Name of the nearest airport city: Rome, Fiumicino

Average time to reach this airport: Less 1,5 hours

Level required: From Beginner to Expert


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