Diving Facilities - Welcoming and functional


The operational base, located just a short walk away from the embarkation area, has been designed to offer the best in comfort and facilities, such as a spacious changing room, showers, an area for assembling and rinsing equipment, a reception, a training room, an equipment storeroom and a rental area.
The local area offers every amenity, such as bars, trattorias, restaurants, hotels, shops and above all a number of beaches to keep your non-diving companions entertained, unless they wish to take a boat trip of course. In fact the trip out to sea is also open to those who wish to practice snorkelling whilst others are diving.

The diving center has a storeroom where clients can leave their equipment to dry off throughout their stay.    


Argentario Divers offer all types of diving excursions, from snorkelling to nature dives, from wall dives to cavern dives, from wreck exploration to technical dives including decompression. 

We offer our clients the most modern and state-of-the-art equipment in accordance with the UTD / DIR diving system standards: twin-tanks, aluminium stage tanks, diving regulators, steel and aluminium backplates with harnesses, rear inflation buoyancy compensator devices, surface marker buoys, underwater lighting systems and all other accessories. 


Our latest investment, a new filling station run by staff certified to mix breathing gases to obtain nitrox or trimix, boasts a considerable service in terms of both speed and precision; such that it has become another source of pride marking the quality of our services, offering both parties great satisfaction thanks to reduced filling times and elimination of wastage of these precious gases, allowing us to reduce costs and offer more competitive prices for gas mixture refills.

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Diving center toscana, corsi subacquei toscana

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